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About Us

Desert Edge Mentoring Services was founded in 2006 with the focus of helping people with emotional trauma or behavioral health matters. The age range is focused on adolescents 10-17 and adults 18 & older. A common theme found among at-risk youth is that they have not been given the support they need to succeed. At Desert Edge, we provide that support they need to be successful and try to show them that they can be successful. By showing our members that we care, we can guide them to becoming a productive and positive member of society.

Our vision was created after noticing an increasing number of people lacked education, self-esteem and suffered from any form of abuse. Our visionary belief, which is the heart of our organization states:

  • Every person should have the opportunity to meet his/her potential.
  • Exposure will create opportunity.
  • Self-esteem and confidence are gained through skill building and opportunities for success.

Desert Edge is designed to make life choices less intimidating and to present our people with an array of options concerning their futures. We provide expertise in mental health, case management, counseling and mentoring at our facility and in the diverse communities in Maricopa County. We work in collaboration with courts, parole/probation officers, and educational systems for the overall success for each person.

Program Goals:
  • To provide widespread services for all people in collaboration with other service agencies.
  • To provide culturally sensitive services.
  • To provide lifelong skills for the future development of vocational and educational opportunities.
  • To ensure our members are successful and productive in today's world.

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